[Spoiler Alert] One week ago, Indonesians were shocked about the Konoha Hokage (Naruto) who died. This incident is found in chapter 51 of the Boruto manga with the title Sacrifice (sacrifice). Told Naruto uses the new Kurama power and the possible effect of death. Because in Naruto and Kurama’s conversation, Kurama asked Naruto’s readiness to die. So that’s why in this article I will discuss the reasons for Naruto dying in the Boruto Manga.

Boruto Manga Story Chapter 51

Theory: Reasons for Naruto to Die in Boruto Manga Chapter 51
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In this chapter, it is told that Boruto is fighting with Sasuke against Isshiki. When they were in a state of urgency, the Konoha Hokage came to save them both. At the time there was a conversation between Kurama and Naruto, about how to defeat Isshiki. Because of his stalemate, Kurama spoke to Naruto that he would be killed in the fight against Isshiki. Well, at that very moment Kurama advised Naruto that there might be a way to defeat Isshiki. However, if Naruto did, Naruto would die. What Kurama meant was Naruto’s new mode as Jhinchuriki.

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The reason Naruto died in the Boruto Manga

Naruto died from using his new mode but was reminded by Kurama that it could threaten his life. Why this new mode can make Naruto die. Here are several theories that can be proposed, including:

Naruto’s Consciousness Is Lost

In this new model, it looks like Naruto has joined the Kurama completely. And it is possible that Naruto’s consciousness was taken by Kurama or this mode made Naruto have a new personality. It’s not dying, but a loss of consciousness can mean death as well.

Kurama’s Chakra Runs Out

The second possibility in this mode that Kurama’s chakra will be depleted is not left. As we know, if the beast is pulled out of the jhincuuriki body, the jhinchuuriki life will die. This happened to Gara and Naruto when they lost their beast and were almost at the end of death. However, she was still alive because, for the Garaa case, Chiyo’s grandmother helped her. Meanwhile, in the case of Naruto, half of Kurama’s chakra was given to the 4th Hokage.

Kurama Towards Hirbenasi Mode

In the Naruto manga, it was told that Kurama or Kyuubi hibernated. Namely, after World War 4, when Naruto fought Sasuke. At the end, when Sasuke had stolen Kurama’s chakra, Kyuubi gave the rest of his chakra to Naruto and asked permission to sleep. It is possible that in this new model, the Kyuubi could take a very long time to hibernate. And this might disturb Naruto’s consciousness if not dead or unconscious.

Kick That Can Only Be Used Once

This new model may be a move that can only be used once and threatens the user’s life. This is the same as the style used by Guru Guy against Madara, Hachimon. Hachimon are 8 chakra opening gates in the body, if someone can open them, they will have the power to even defeat the Kage. However, with extraordinary power, there is also a terrible effect, namely death.

Naruto Dying in Boruto Manga Already Planned

Naruto’s death was planned to start from chapter 1 of the Boruto manga. At the beginning of the chapter, there were two ninjas fighting on top of the destroyed statue of the seventh Hokage’s face, the two people being Kawaki and Boruto. There is an interesting conversation between Boruto and Kawaki. Where Kawaki said to Boruto, that he would send Boruto to the 7th Hokage.

And in an interview, the author of Naruto, Masashi Kishimoto, spoke about it. As quoted from animesouls.com (via 2ch), Masashi talked a little about the plot of Boruto.

“I think it doesn’t matter if (Boruto) doesn’t get attached to Naruto. Now the periods are different and because some of the original elements are mixed up throughout the settings. I think it’s done with freedom. Since this is Naruto, I thought it would be okay if the characters who were always around us died in ‘Boruto’. ” said Masashi.

Actually, in the interview, the word Naruto does not refer to the character but the series. However, we can conclude that Masashi does not mind if the Naruto character is removed. On the same occasion Masashi said that even though the Naruto character would later be eliminated, it would not make Naruto die silly but in an impressive state.

The reason Naruto needed to be turned off

There are several things that caused Naruto to die in the Boruto Manga series, including:

Boruto’s Reason To Be Strong

Boruto needs a reason to become even stronger as he is now. This is often done by several Mangaka, such as in the One Piece series. Portgas D. Ace, the older brother of the main character Luffy, died when he was about to be saved from the execution process. And after that Luffy trained for two years and became even stronger. In the Boruto anime itself, there are several scenes that make the main character practice seriously. Like when Orochimaru’s son was badly injured in the fight. Boruto and Sarada train to get stronger and find new moves.

Boruto’s manga plot isn’t progressing

With the Naruto character, the focus of manga readers or anime audiences will be divided. Moreover, the majority of readers or viewers of the Boruto film are fans of the Naruto Manga series. If the Naruto character is removed, the focus of the story on Boruto will be better, and the story will develop. We can see in various scenes when fighting strong enemies, there will be help from Naruto and Sasuke. Even though the one who defeated his enemy was Boruto, his role in fighting the enemy was not felt.

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The position of Hokage after Naruto dies in Boruto Manga

Uchiha Sasuke

At this time Sasuke Uchiha was made weak in the Boruto Manga. Where one of Sasuke’s hands cannot be used because it broke off against Naruto at the end of the Naruto Shippuden Manga. Even so, Sasuke remains one of the strongest people in Konoha Village because he still has his Sharingan and Rinnegan.

Shikamaru Nara

In the Boruto series, Shikamaru becomes Naruto’s right-hand man, where he is the advisor to the seventh Hokage, Naruto. Even though his strength hasn’t been seen after World War 4, it can even be said to be weak. However, his intelligence and IQ are above the average for other ninjas in Konohagakure and other villages. With this intelligence, he can defeat the enemy by determining the strategy used.

Hatake Kakashi

After World War Four Kakashi had no Sharingan eye to wear. This indeed makes Kakashi decrease in strength where he cannot issue several moves such as Chidori, Kamui, and mimic opponent moves. However, from his experience as Hokage and his wisdom, he could be a replacement for Naruto Hokage.

There is a possibility that Naruto survived the dead

The possibility of Naruto surviving death still exists, because in the manga Boruto chapter 51 does not show Naruto dying explicitly is still in the conversation between Naruto and Kurama. But Naruto’s death is not impossible because at the beginning of the Boruto chapter it was told that the 7th Hokage is no longer there.

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