There are several interesting things from One Piece chapter 995 with the title Sag Kunoichi’s Determination. Among the interesting scenes include Marco’s fight with Big Mom, Chopper who is hit by a virus, and the fight between Supernova Zoro, Drake, and Appo. Let’s discuss them one by one.

The title of One Piece Chapter 995

Something is interesting about the title of the latest One Piece chapter 995, namely the determination of the kunoichi. The writer initially thought the title referred to the Shinobu who was fighting to protect Momonosuke. It turns out that the title this time refers to Nami who was badly injured against Ulti. Later we will discuss the details in a separate section.

The Battle Between Marco and Big Mom

In the initial panel, we were shown the battle between Big Mom and Marco. As we know before, Marco invited Big Mom to join forces to defeat Kaido, but it doesn’t seem like it’s going well. Marco at first seemed to be able to keep up with Big Mom’s strength, where he easily beat the flames of Prometheus. But afterward, Big Mom easily grabbed Marco’s body and ordered Prospero to attack.

Wanda and Carrot appear in Sulong Mode

When Marco is pressed, Prospero is attacked by Wanda and Carrot in sulk mode. This panel shows that Wana and Carrot “have a grudge” against Prospero who killed Pedro. Seeing this incident, Big Mom immediately rushed to Onigashima where Kaido’s battle was, and left all her affairs to Prospero. At the same time, Wanda and Carrot also asked Marco to immediately catch up with Big Mom.

Prospero’s Opinion Against Wanda and Carrot in Sulong Mode

When you see the scene of Big Mom going to Onigashima, it seems like Big Mom really believes in her son’s strength. Even though what they were fighting against were two Mink tribesmen in Sulong mode. It is possible that Prospero is still hiding his true strength, because as we all know that Prospero’s power in the Whole Cake Island Arc is not too surprising.

Big Mom’s opinion is hit by Virus Queen

Seeing Big Mom’s recklessness in several chapters, it is most likely that she could be the Ice Oni Virus made by Queen. It is inconceivable how a Yonkou would catch this virus and lose consciousness. For the Whole Cake Island Arc alone, it can destroy an island when Big Mom is controlled by her hunger.

Chopper finds the Ice Oni Virus Vaccine

Marco Heard Screaming
When the scene of Big Mom going to Onigashima, Marco is shown hearing a scream coming from there. Most likely Marco will go to the voice and meet Chopper to make a vaccine. As we know besides the deputy commander of the Whitebeard Pirates, Marco is a doctor.

Chopper Knows the Key to the Ice Oni Virus

It seems Chopper already knows the key to this Ice Oni Virus because there was a conversation with Brook who had been exposed to the virus first. When Brook caught the virus Chopper realized that Brook did not have skin, blood vessels, and body temperature. The Chopper was able to draw conclusions about this virus, but his dialogue was cut short because his body had been exposed to the Ice Oni Virus. So we just look forward to how Chopper handles this virus.

Marco’s Phoenix Fire Opinion Can Eliminate Ice Oni Virus

Marco’s unique fire is often referred to as the regeneration fire. Marco’s fire also does not have the nature of fire in general, which is to burn everything. As the statement contained in One Piece SBS Volume 58, “That the blue flame does not have the nature of its original flame. Marco’s flames were neither burning nor hot ”. So from here, we can be of the opinion that Marco’s fire can heal people from the Oni virus.

Another possibility is that the Wano Arc is Marco’s final place. Why is that? Because this healing fire from Marco has limitations and the possibility that if forced can cause death.

Trafalgar Law’s Opinion Helping Marco and Chopper

There is another possibility that Law will appear to defuse the pandemic. Great collaboration between 3 different ship doctors Law, Marco, and Chopper. It seems easy for the three of them to find an antidote for the ice oni virus.

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Appo Against Zoro and X-Drake

When Onigashima is messed up by Queen’s Ice Oni Virus, there is a chase carried out by Zoro and X-Drake to get the Vaccine held by Appo. Appo himself can be said to be strong because he is able to withstand attacks from Zoro and X-Drake with his tonfa. Even though Zoro has used haki and also X-Drake has changed to his Zoan form. In fact, the writer thinks that Appo is a character who is not very strong, but can withstand the attacks of two supernovas.

Queen Getting to Know Vinsmoke Judge

The interesting part of this chapter is when Queen sees Sanji and Zoro’s wanted posters. Where he thinks that the two people must be eliminated immediately. But after seeing Sanji’s wanted poster, Queen said that Luffy had also recruited the son of Vinsmoke Judge. We don’t know what Jude’s past with Queen was either friends or just a fellow scientist.

Sanji’s Opinion Possible Against Queen

Given Queen’s interest in Sanji, there is a chance that they will come face to face. But we may be shown a flashback of the relationship between Vinsmoke Judge and Queen. Even though currently Sanji is heading to the Onigashima floor with Luffy to help the samurai alliance against Kaido.

Kunoichi Oath

One Piece Chapter 995 Review - Kunoichi Oath | Luminesia Review
One Piece Chapter 995. Source: Shueisha Inc.

The title of One Piece chapter 995 refers to Nami who is in a battle against Ulti. In this section, we can see how Ussop was stranded because of a header from Ulti and Nami’s head that made him feel he had gotten a header too. After attacking Ussop, Ulti then approached Nami and she threatened to kill her. However, he offers freedom if Nami mentions that Luffy cannot become Pirate King.

However, an epic thing happened, where Nami said that Luffy would become the Pirate King. I swear, I got goosebumps when I wrote this, I don’t know if this dialogue will be epic when it is made into anime. As we know Nami and Ussop are the weakest crew on the Straw Hat Pirate Ship. And it seems that their strength is indeed not balanced against the strength of the flying six-under Kaido. Then when Ulti was angry and was about to launch an attack on Nami, Otama came along with the dog he had tamed before.

Otama’s Opinion is Key to the Wano Arc

According to the authors, Otama’s surprise appearance will be the key to the ongoing war in Wano. Why is that? In previous chapters, we were shown the power of the devil fruit from Otama, namely Dango which can make animals tame. Even a gifter who has Zoan devil fruit ability becomes obedient in front of Otama. There is a possibility that this power could be used to reduce the number of Kaido’s troops and make allies with Otama’s power.

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