Islam is a religion that regulates life in terms of relations with God (Worship) and Man (Muamalah). In terms of muamalah, Islam has arranged how to deal with humans both in communication and the transaction. Transactions or management of assets in Islam among others such as buying and selling, debts, and others.

Prinsip - Prinsip Dasar Pengelolaan Harta dalam Islam

This is a summary of the study that I followed. WE CAN a Thematic Study of Islamic Business & Fajr Congregation. The theme for this Muamalah Jurisprudence Study is the Basic Principles for the Management of Assets in Islam by Ustadz Ali Nurdin Anwar Lc., M.E.I.

In managing assets several things must be considered:

  • All the assets that we have to belong to Allah SWT. Allah SWT said,
  • “Believe in Allah and His Messenger and spend a part of your treasure which Allah has made you master. Then those who believe among you and spend (partly) of their wealth receive a great reward. ” (Surat Al-Hadid: 7)
  • Must pay attention to Halal and Haram’s assets that we receive.
  • “O people, eat halal and good food from that which is on earth, and do not follow the steps of Shaytan; because actually, Shaytan is a real enemy for you “. (Surat Al-Baqarah: 168)
  • Pay attention to how the assets are received and how they are used
  • In a transaction, it is not permissible for yourself or others.
  •  “And let not one of you eat the treasure of the other part of you falsely and (do not) bring the treasure to the judge so that you can eat a portion of the other person’s property by (sinning), even though you know. ” (Surat Al-Baqarah: 188)
  • In transactions there must be a mutual pleasure, it is better if there are permission and qabul.
  • “O you who believe, do not incorrectly eat your neighbor’s property, except in the way of trade that applies with like and likeness among you.” (Surat An-Nisa: 29)
  • Mabrur Transactions
  • From Rifa’ah bin Rafi ‘, ​​the Prophet was asked about what work was best. The Prophet’s answer, “Work with hands and all buying and selling which is rare”. [HR. Bazaar no 3731 and authentic by al-Hakim. Read Bulughul Maram no. 784]

If someone has a job that already has a fixed salary such as a private employee or a civil servant, then the consequence is not being able to receive a reward for his job (Haram). Excluded for someone who has his own office.

Arisan is a transaction with a credit agreement because basically, the arisan winner borrows money to other members. Because there is a debt contract, the arisan winner cannot pay for other participants’ meals.

How do you manage your assets according to the teachings of Islam? Let’s start changing our property management according to what God has determined.

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